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: Ongoing Project

SHG Promotion

Women SHG promotion is one of our priority activity. 15 women SHGs has been formed and promoted for income generation as a part of Women Empowerment through promoting income generation program. The members of SHGs are now engaged with various income generation programs such as zari, embroidery, stitching and dress designing etc.

Mid-Day Meal Program

Our organization has been running Mid-day Meal program in 16 schools supported by K.P.S.C. in the area. About 2000 children have been getting mid-day meal in each working day from this program. Every day cocked rice-dal, vegetables and egg etc. have been provided as per government rule. The children are very happy for getting the food. This has increased school retention among the children. At the same time this program helps the children for better health and hygiene promotion through washing hands with soap before and after taking food.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness camps have been organized every year with the school children and with the local youths. The way of prevent pollution, global warming and other environment related issues has been discussed in the camps. Sit and draw on environment issues with the children, workshop and other several events have been organized each year.

Free Eye Screening Camp

Eye screening camps has been organized by our organization to identify the old age people to know their eye site position and prepare them for Cataract operation. The operation has been done in District hospital and other Hospitals free of cost including distribution of spectacles to the poor people. The Eye screening camp has been organized in collaboration with Rotary International.

Free Health Check up Camp

Each year we have been organized Free Health Checkup Camps, Eye screening camps in number of places each year. Doctors, specialist and nurses from local hospital are invited for the camps. The local area people are being treated by the Doctors free of cost.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a big and important issue as on today. Now the women at the grass root level are politically empowered due reservation and on the decision making process i.e. social development including health, hygiene promotion and family planning. This is certainly a big step for democratic decentralization, equal opportunity for women and empowerment of women. On behalf of our organization we have organized number of seminars, workshops on women empowerment issues to make them sensitize on their rights and entitlements.

Mother & Child Care

Mother and Child care is our one of the priority areas. We have been organized number of camps with the women. The mother and child care issues, reproductive child health, nutrition, health and hygiene promotion etc. has been discussed in the camps to address the problems and sensitize the mothers on child care.

Anti-Drug Campaign

Drug addiction of the youths in our area is a serious problem. Each year our organization has been organizing Anti-Drug awareness campaign with the youths of our area to motivate them against drug and inform them the ill- effects of drug. Numbers of youths motivated and stop drug addiction due to our campaign and lead a peaceful family life.

Awareness on Consumers Rights and Protection

MKSSK in collaboration with Consumer Affairs & FBP, Kolkata Port, Regional Office, Govt. of West Bengal organizes series of awareness programs on consumer rights and protection especially among the slum dwellers every year which increases their awareness on the issue.

Creche program

Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme for the Children of working mothers has been running by in the target area. This program has been running in collaboration with Central Social Welfare Board, New – Delhi through State Board. 4 crèche centers have been continuing by us with the local youth club and women groups. The venues of the centers are stated below.


Mayur Bhanj Basti Seva Sangh
8/1, Mayur Bhanj Road, Kolkata – 700 023

Netaji Sangha Club
EJC Dock Junction, Kolkata – 700088

Shanti Committee
12/1, Mayur Bhanj Road, Kolkata – 700023

K. P. Basti Welfare Society
5/1 Bhukailash Road, Kolkata – 700023